The Blackburn Brothers – Main Stage 1

The Blackburn Brothers - Wasaga Beach Blues 2017

An obvious uniqueness that identifies and sets apart the band is that  Blackburn is a band of brothers – literally.   Duane (lead vocals),  Brooke (guitar), Cory (drums) and Robert (who took part on harmony vocals and songwriting on the  newest release) all share the Blackburn  name; a name that has become truly connected to Toronto music history.

Musically, the Blackburn name has been forever imprinted in our ears  by Bobby Dean Blackburn, an R&B artist who gained legendary status  in the Toronto music scene, performing the city circuit for over 30 years.   Beyond the music, other history runs deep too.  The Blackburn name is  tied to the history of the Underground Railroad, and there is a direct    connection to the musical talents that we know and listen to today.

Location: Date: September 17, 2017 Time: 4:35 pm - 5:45 pm The Blackburn Brothers - Wasaga Beach Blues 2017 The Blackburn Brothers