Dennis McAndrew Dennis McAndrew’s Junior Jam

Stonebridge Wasaga Beach Blues Junior JamThe Stonebridge Wasaga Beach Blues Junior Jam provides local kids with an opportunity to perform with professionals in front of an audience. All the  while developing and building their musical skills in a fun, friendly and accessible way. Blues music is roots music, and the youth are our roots. What better way to pass the torch than to have experienced artists guiding our youth in a live stage environment. This year, Dennis McAndrew will be leading the Junior Jam and we’re thrilled to have him as part of the musical team.

We’re proud to have been engaging our local youth since 2015, with help from our sponsor TD Bank Group, both in live concert and as part of our local Blues in Schools program. It’s our vision to keep the blues alive for future generations to come in Wasaga Beach.


After graduating from Berklee College of Music (1979) and teaching music in high school for 30 years,Dennis McAndrew has returned to performing music in different bands and musical venues. Whether it be solo piano, a duo, trio or quartet group, the music includes a range of swing, soul, R & B, and cool jazz.

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